Live your stay, intensely

You don't come to Paris just for the pleasure of staying at the Grand Hotel Leveque, however pleasant these few days may be. The capital also attracts for its architectural heritage, for all the opportunities to go out to party or have fun, to cultivate yourself. With friends, family or lovers, there are so many ways to visit Paris! That is why we offer you some of them here.


Less than 10 minutes walk from the Champs de Mars from your hotel, the Eiffel Tower is the must-see monument in Paris. People come from all over the world to admire its unique architecture, to see the city of light from above or to confront its endless metal staircase. The Eiffel Tower can also be seen as the setting for a magnificent gastronomic restaurant, the Jules Verne, located on the 2nd floor or as the champagne bar with the most beautiful view of Paris.

The iconic Mona Lisa is the focal point of the Louvre, unanimously considered the largest and one of the most beautiful museums in the world. This former royal castle is so vast, and above all so rich in fantastic collections, that you could spend your Parisian stay there without having had the opportunity to see everything yet.

We attribute many qualifiers to Montmartre! Village in the city, district of the artists and the lovers, Montmartre is one of the most emblematic places of Paris. Perhaps that's why the Butte is a must-see. There is the Basilique du Sacré-Coeur, dominating the city and offering you an extraordinary view. There is the famous Place du Tertre with its restaurants that convey a unique atmosphere and all those portraitists. In Montmartre, we obviously think of Dalida and her statue, of Dali and his museum. You can spend the whole day in this small neighborhood, you will not have done the tour yet.

Following the course of the Seine, day and night, is a fascinating experience. It opens you to a new way of discovering the heritage and to a slow and deep contemplation of all these places that make the prestige of the capital. For example, starting from the foot of the Eiffel Tower, and going to the south of Paris, you will pass by the Conciergerie and Notre Dame, the Grand Palais, the National Assembly or the famous bookshops. And, not to spoil the charm of a stroll on the Seine, you can enjoy a drink in hand or even while sitting at a table, in order to mix the pleasure of the panorama with that of the cuisine.


Other ideas?

But why not visit the Paris mansion if you are in the capital during Halloween, chills guaranteed! A show ? The Congress Hall? A play ? Around Montmartre or in the arrondissement.
There is always a way to celebrate Paris without leaving the Grand Hôtel Leveque.

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