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"Nuit Blanche" Paris 2016

This year again, discover all about the "Nuit Blanche" and the program of the 7th arrondissement close to the Grand Hotel Leveque located on 29 rue Cler.

Enjoy this weekend to visit the capital in a cultural way !! 

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Nuit Blanche 2016 is scheduled on Saturday 1 October 2016, in the evening on the Banks of the Seine. This year, Jean de Loisy, President of the Palais de Tokyo, who signs the project and invites us to a nocturnal stroll on the Seine, a route already imagined in 2012 by Laurent Le Bon.

From the sunset, Parisians are invited to follow Poliphile in his adventure, which led him to the Ile de la Cité in Berges west of Paris, in search of love. During this journey, the hero must go through trials that will transform forever the hero, illustrated by works, 35 in total, including many creations for the occasion. This course will touch the emotions felt by the hero - like in a dream, grief, denial, betrayal, magic - and in the end, as described so Bruno Julliard "over water, a story will s 'to write".

A big "parade" will be held in the early evening (perhaps a theatrical introduction in the history of Poliphile), then we will have to walk at our own pace and follow Poliphile in his quest for love: if a workshop Broken Heart symbolize the pain with broken stones into pieces, marabouts attempt to repair the hearts at the Quai Branly ... hearts held in balance with Bridget Polk and balancing Rock, a live performance all night ... the course will end on the west bank of Paris, soon open to pedestrians!

In this poetic Nuit Blanche, Jean de Loisy has ordered a new Yannick Haenel history to put into words the Poliphile adventures, a new find in the fall (more information to come). It will include a modern version of the Dream of Poliphile, Hypnerotomachia Poliphili of Francesco Colonna, an Italian story illustrated 1467 transcriptionist dreams Poliphile in pursuit of Polia he is madly in love; this new well will begin by receiving an SMS curious Poliphile who invited him to go to a mysterious place.

In addition, a guest artist, Abraham Pointcheval, performer recognized in Paris, will "wait Poliphile" installed on a mast installed 15 m above the ground on the front of the Gare de Lyon, to announce the Nuit Blanche and intrigue passersby and tourists or arrival from Paris.

For Nuit Blanche 2016, everything is designed to facilitate our movement. In addition to the night transport to return home safely, free bus boats will be available to Parisians and tourists

So have a nice Nuit Blanche!

Useful information :
Website: La Nuit Blanche 2016 in the streets of Paris,
Saturday 1 October 2016, at 19h